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Stealing Time follows two separately married individuals, whose lives collide at just the right time, tracing their path from marital dysfunction to personal evolution. One fateful meeting at an art gallery hurls Ben and Maya into a crisis of passion to be the artists they once were. After deciding to do a photography project together, Maya finds her emotionally abusive and controlling husband intolerable and Ben becomes equally frustrated by his wife’s overbearing and belligerent need to achieve normality. Though Ben and Maya desperately try to keep their collaboration professional, they can’t help but acknowledge the growing chemistry between them. Faced with their respective children acting out and an increasing push by their spouses to end their relationship, Ben and Maya reluctantly stop working together. Realizing their spouses won’t change, Ben and Maya leave their marriages to follow their passion, ultimately coming together to show their work at a gallery.



Selections from NYMF 2012 Concert

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